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Trees are a stimuli and aid in healing.

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Message of August 9

For those who have acquired an Inner Guide and are doing self-hypnosis:


The majority of you learned about self-hypnosis and created your Inner Guide a number of years ago. Having practiced self-hypnosis regularly you have given your Inner Guide the trance time it needs to solve the majority if not all of your chronic problems; that is, the problems that arose during childhood. But new problems arise periodically and your Inner Guide addresses these as well. That is why it is so important to continue doing self-hypnosis regularly.

As a young child, you experienced uncomfortable stimuli for which you had no true solutions; no way of completely ending those discomforts. Your mental apparatus matched partial and false solutions that got locked in and became maladaptive habit patterns. Some resulted in discomfort that you were aware of but others you accepted as givens and didnít realize that they were hampering you or that they could be solved. You may not even be aware, therefore, that they have been solved. You know only that you are more comfortable than you used to be.

When new problems, new uncomfortable stimuli, arise your Inner Guide can solve them more quickly because you are no longer encumbered with past ineffective habits.

For example, a person who previously suffered from chronic feelings of inferiority would, if she lost her job, not be burdened with such feelings. She would be able to confidently seek new employment. Someone who had been chronically anxious would no longer be paralyzed in threatening situations; he would be free to respond effectively. A person who suffered a major loss would not develop a pathological grief reaction; rather, she would understand and accept her normal feelings of bereavement. Someone who had allowed others to take advantage of her would be able to assert herself in the face of new attempted encroachments. You can probably think of additional examples.

As you can see, your Inner Guide will continue to make life easier and more comfortable. She looks forward to trance time.


I welcome your questions and comments and I look forward to hearing from you either by post or at info@davis-foundation.org. They will be anonymous unless you indicate that you would like to be named.

Best regards,

     Judith M. Davis

Windows are complex stimuli and aid in healing.

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