Q. How is the Davis™Technique of self-hypnosis different from meditation?

A. In self-hypnosis we evoke a very specific inner entity, an Inner Guide, which develops its own identity and its own agenda for helping us. Rather than using guided imagery, or repeating a word or phrase, we simply focus on an unchanging spot on the wall in order to minimize other stimuli so that the Inner Guide can become activated.

Q. What is The Inner Guide?

A. It is a combination of three things: 1) the mental pathway consisting of all the memories of past experiences of comfort, 2) the wish to help, and 3) a sense of its own identity.

Q. Can anybody do self-hypnosis and benefit from it?

A. Anyone who feels comfortable with the prospect of developing an inner friend with its own identity and agenda will be able to do so, and will benefit.

Q. Is the Inner Guide like a spirit from outside that contacts us?

A. No, the Inner Guide doesn't come from the outside. It's a part of your own mind.

Q. How often should I do self-hypnosis and how long does it take?

A. The ideal is once a day but for those who don't have that much time, several times a week will work well. A self-hypnotic session may last from a few minutes up to approximately forty-five minutes.

Q. Will I see an image of my Inner Guide? What will it look like?

A. Some Inner Guides choose not to provide an image of themselves. Others will. Sometimes an Inner Guide will first provide a temporary image to make a certain point. The image most often provided, the true image of your Inner Guide, will be a representation of your ideal self.

Q. How soon after beginning self-hypnosis will I make contact with my Inner Guide?

A. This varies greatly from one person to another. Your Inner Guide may decide that it can work best if it doesn't communicate directly with you. Some people's Inner Guides remain silent for a long time. Be assured that if your Inner Guide remains silent, it has decided that it can help you most efficiently that way. Contact will occur eventually.

Q. How can I trust my Inner Guide?

A. It's natural that you would not immediately trust your Inner Guide because it is new to you and seems strange. Test it. Ask questions that you know the answers to and see whether it agrees. If it doesn't agree, ask it why. Ask advice on small matters in order to see whether the advice is helpful. You need to give your Inner Guide chances to prove itself to you.

Q. What if my Inner Guide is something bad that will be destructive?

A. It can't. Remember, it is composed of only three things: the mental pathway containing all your past experiences of comfort, a sense of its own identity, and the wish to help you. The Inner Guide is a very positive, good entity.

Q. If the Inner Guide will influence me to do what is best for me, will it force me to give up certain indulgences that I enjoy and don't want to give up?

A. No. The Inner Guide is not coercive. It won't force anything on you.

Q. I want to be in charge of myself. Will the Inner Guide rob me of my autonomy?

A. No. The Inner Guide wouldn't want you to lose your autonomy. Its intention is to be helpful to you. It can be so only with your cooperation.

Q. What if I don't like the Inner Guide's answers or advice?

A. You don't have to do anything you don't want to.

Q. How long will it take before all my problems are solved?

A. The time varies greatly from person to person. It will take several years but you will experience progress and feel increasingly better along the way.