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Message of November 15

For those who have created their Inner Guide and are doing self-hypnosis:

Do you ever feel that you are prevented, by an invisible hand, from doing something that you want to do? Or doing it as well as you know you could? If so, you are experiencing an inhibition.

Freud postulated that an inhibition was the result of a “neurotic compromise,” in which an unconscious, unacceptable wish, pressing for discharge, is met by a prohibition due to its unacceptability; but due to the pressure for discharge it is allowed partial expression by means of disguise.

For example, the Oedipus complex occurs in very young children. A boy wants to marry his mother and has thoughts of doing away with his father in order to achieve that. The optimal resolution is that he comes to realize that this can’t happen and he gradually relinquishes the wish.

If this solution doesn’t occur, and the Oedipus complex remains unresolved, the wishes must be repressed because they are unacceptable and frightening. Yet they strive for discharge and are expressed by a compromise. The man can make overtures to older women (his mother in disguise) but they don’t come to fruition due to the age difference and because he can’t follow through. And he can strive to compete with other men (his father in disguise) but holds back so that he can’t win. He is inhibited; he can’t follow through with women and he holds back with men.

When we think in terms of a scanning function and a matching function, we can visualize the scanning function seeking possible matches for an unacceptable wish and matching with the response that would cause the least discomfort, the neurotic compromise. This is not a true solution because the wish isn’t being completely fulfilled. Is it a partial or a false solution?

It is some of each. Because the neurotic compromise is a partial discharge of the impulse it is a partial solution. But because the overwhelming feelings experienced, a portion of them go into a reservoir, out of awareness.

Perhaps your Inner Guide has already solved any inhibitions you may have had. If that has not happened yet, it will. 


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