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Message of February 21

For those who have an Inner Guide and are doing self-hypnosis:

Our Inner Guides depend on the store of information in our memory banks. To review: the mental apparatus registers stimuli from the environment (external and internal) and matches each stimulus with the solution that will best restore our equilibrium. Often, especially when we were young, the solutions were only partially effective due to our limited knowledge and constrained circumstances.  But those solutions became locked in and formed maladaptive habit patterns. Our Inner Guides search our memory banks for the origins of our discomforts and problems and also for new, better solutions. They then create complex stimuli that allow the old habit patterns to be unlocked and replaced with new, better ones.

But the only information at their disposal is that which is contained in our memory banks. The more limited the information, the less they have to work with in their efforts to increase our comfort. How can we help them help us?

The more knowledge and experience we expose ourselves to, the richer our memory banks will be. We can read, converse with others, join clubs, take courses, travel, enjoy the arts, follow sports...yes, even following a sport might prove useful to an Inner Guide. Creativity is the forming of links between previously unassociated stimuli.  

And do remember that when you Speedread, even though you don’t absorb the content your Inner Guide does.


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Best regards,

            Judith M. Davis