Emotional Comfort: the Gift of Your Inner Guide

If you would like to eliminate stress, correct emotional imbalance, increase your creativity and energy, and achieve serenity, Emotional Comfort: the Gift of Your Inner Guide by Judith M. Davis, M.D. will show you how.

Emotional Comfort explains Dr. Davis's new way of understanding the causes of emotional discomfort, and the new technique she has developed for eliminating stress and developing one's creativity. Many people already do self-hypnosis and meditation, but Dr. Davis's new technique incorporates an important difference! It is easy to learn, as the simple steps are described in detail; and The Davis Foundation for Providing Emotional Comfort publishes a biweekly Message which provides follow-up information and assistance.

To read/download the first chapter, in which Dr. Davis describes her own experience with self-hypnosis, click here.