About The Davis Foundation

The Davis Foundation for Providing Emotional Comfort was created to help those who are using the new self-hypnotic technique described in Emotional Comfort: the Gift of Your Inner Guide by Dr. Judith M. Davis.

Self-hypnosis is easy to learn; Dr. Davis has found that most people are able to achieve this state in one session. However, she has also found that because it takes some time before results are seen, people have needed periodic contact with her in order to receive the necessary stimulation to continue practicing self-hypnosis regularly. Realizing that this technique can be useful not only for patients, but for most people who would like to eliminate stress, attain emotional comfort and liberate their creativity, she has written the book to enable people to learn this technique on their own. Realizing also that those who learn from the book would not have the kind of regular access to her that her patients do, she decided to provide support by a different means. The Davis Foundation publishes a biweekly Message that provides the necessary stimulation for those who learn self-hypnosis from the book. To subscribe to the Message, click here.

The Davis Foundation will also initiate various projects to bring knowledge of this technique to various groups who can benefit from it. Because it can be of great help to almost everyone, the Foundation hopes that eventually self-hypnosis will become universally practiced. When this comes to pass, most people will become optimally comfortable, and their enhanced energy and creativity can be directed toward solving the problems of our society. To view information about our projects, click here.

Board of Directors:
Judith M. Davis, M.D.
Diane I. Cohen, M.D.
Loribeth Cohen, P.T.