The Davis™ Technique for Attaining Emotional Comfort provides a new way to eradicate stress, solve emotional problems, and achieve tranquility. Feelings of depression, anxiety and chronic irritation, as well as more general feelings of stress and discontent, can be extinguished; leaving one with increased energy and liberated creativity.

This easily-learned technique employs self-hypnosis in a way that is similar to meditation, but with a crucial difference! It is described in Emotional Comfort: the Gift of Your Inner Guide, by Judith M. Davis, M.D. The Davis Foundation has been created to help anyone who wishes to use this technique.

We publish a biweekly Message that provides important additional information and support, and we initiate projects to help groups with the technique. To learn more about the book and to read/download the first chapter, in which Dr. Davis describes her own experience with self-hypnosis, click here. To subscribe to the Message, click here.